Fitness, Pilates, Training in your community!Fitness, Pilates, Training in your community!

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Our Classes and Services

Small group classes, one on one training, great atmosphere for overall good health! Be well!


Pilates Mat group class.  Come work your full body and develop strength, balance and flexibility. Mat classes go through the full Pilates repertoire and use props such as the Magic Circle, Strength Bands, Pilates fitness ball, ballet barre and weights and are a great way to prevent injury and create powerful core strength! Learn something new! Class offered Tuesday and Thursday 7am starting December 4th.  Located in Studio Beju 15630 Main Street, Duvall.   $47 dollars per month. $10 dollar drop in. Sign up today!

Personal Training

Looking for one on one time for Pilates or Strength and Conditioning training? NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ABT Certified Ballet Instructor in the National Curriculum and Group Fitness Instructor.  Pricing varies depending on needs but start at $50 per session.  Free wellness evaluation included!

Fitness is a journey.  Fitness should be fun.  Fun with friends in your community. 

You've got it all at Small Town Fitness